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Wild Prairie

Raising, Growing, and Finishing 100% Grass Fed Beef.

Six Generations of Cattle Ranching

Every Acre Nurtured

We pay close attention to the health of our land and allow it to rest between short grazing periods.  Our grazing & resting cycles help produce the nutrient dense native forages that nourishes our cattle, so they produce nutrient dense beef.

From Our Family To Yours


From left to right.  Top:  Aja, TJ, Victoria, Denver.  Bottom: David, Reagan, Cherish, Tresa, Daniel


It's All In The Family

One of the greatest joys in cattle ranching is being able to work together as a family.  From moving cattle to fixing fence, there is always plenty for everyone to do.  We are able to laugh together and cry together.  We experience victories together, as well as some losses.  It is not always fun or glamorous, but whatever challenge the day brings, we face it together!


Six  Generations 

Ranching is in our blood.  There is a long heritage of Cowboys and Cattlemen that has been passed down to our family for at least six generations.  We proudly carry on the traditions passed down from our ancestors, while learning to innovate and stay relevant in todays world.


An Honest Days Work

Our family knows the value of hard work, and we practice it every day.  Rain or shine, and through all hours of the day, we work tirelessly to protect our passion... the land and the cattle.  We hope you can taste the honesty and integrity which we strive to raise our animals with in every bite.

100% Grass Fed Starting at Birth.

Our Wild Prairie Beef is pure, natural beef with nothing added, ever. We raise our Black Angus cattle with absolutely no added hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products or artificial ingredients of any kind. Our cattle graze contently on open pastures, never in feedlots, and enjoy a nutritious, pure diet of grasses.

A Diet That Is All Natural.

Properly raising grass-fed cattle parallels growing grapes for a fine wine. Their meat takes on distinct flavors based on the terrain, weather, soil and water where they graze.  We are set on changing people’s minds that grass-fed beef must taste “grass-fed”.

Better Treatment.  Better Results.

We treat our Black Angus cattle with the utmost care during every stage of their lives. In fact, our driving reason for feeding our cattle a pure grass diet is that it is, in itself, more humane. Grass is a cow’s natural diet. And studies show that eating grass makes their digestive process easier and more comfortable. The result? Fewer health risks.

Audubon Certified Grass Feed Beef

We have partnered with the National Audubon Society to ensure both the well being of our livestock, and the preservation of habitat for native grassland birds.  The Audubon Certified logo states that we are dedicated and committed to raising livestock in a manner that enhances habitat for focal bird species and other wildlife.