Wild Prairie

Our Family

Our cattle, like our kids, have all been raised on our ranch 30 miles south of Carson, North Dakota.

One of the greatest joys in cattle ranching is being able to work together as a family.  From moving cattle to fixing the fence, there is always plenty for everyone to do.  We are able to laugh together and cry together.  We experience victories together, as well as some losses.  It is not always fun or glamorous, but whatever challenge the day brings, we face it together!

Six  Generations 

Ranching is in our blood.  There is a long heritage of Cowboys and Cattlemen that has been passed down to our family for at least six generations.  We proudly carry on the traditions passed down from our ancestors, while learning to innovate and stay relevant in today’s world.

An Honest Days Work

Our family knows the value of hard work, and we practice it every day.  Rain or shine, and through all hours of the day, we work tirelessly to protect our passion… the land and the cattle.  We hope you can taste the honesty and integrity which we strive to raise our animals within every bite.